Data & Analytics


Client Bayada
Year 2022
Industry Healthcare
Bayada was founded on the principle that health care gets better when clients get better care at home—the place they most want to be.


With many moving parts and layers of complexity, the Bayada team wanted to build a data and insights driven-culture and modernize the data experience to make it more efficient. That would mean removing barriers to data access so users could easily access data in their EDW and build reports that provide the business intelligence needed for decision-making.


We helped our client develop an actionable data and BI strategy to reach all these goals. We accomplished this by assessing Bayada's current state, defining the capabilities they were looking to deliver, and reviewing their needs and gaps. Then we conducted an analysis of the mandated managed care entity (MCE) reporting process, where we supplied several recommendations in automation that would reduce the need for the massive amount of manual data manipulation. Building on this body of work, we designed a strategic framework to capture the essence of how the agency approaches data, which included identifying the strategic pillars: data as an asset, data quality, and infrastructure and tools.

Healthcare software solutions

The client’s new data and BI strategy helped improve the overall use, experience, effectiveness, and adoption of analytics and EDW data throughout the state Bayada agency. The outcomes of this initiative were all focused on developing a foundation that could be built upon with future efforts.