Genoa Healthcare

Client Genoa Healthcare
Year 2022
Industry Pharmacy, Franchise
Genoa Healthcare is a pharmacy market leader with 400+ associates serving more than 40.000 global customers. A client has a database of thousands of pharmacies distributed across the USA. They manage and analyze data from these pharmacies to facilitate centralized purchasing.
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The existing Genoa system was developed using .NET architecture and it was not sufficient to perform all operations needed inside the pharmacy organization. They needed a faster and easy-to-use solution for distributing updates across the pharmacy ecosystem.


Spectre Group partnered with Genoa as a digital transformation partner in order to migrate a few desktop solutions to a centralized web platform. We used the Agile execution approach to deliver the project from the discovery to the delivery phase.


After defining the client's vision, we started with the migration of the existing desktop solution to the web platform using Microsoft solutions. Our team chose to use a high-performance web interface using a combination of ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate, NUnit, and SQL Server. A centralized web platform was developed with the ability to generate reports according to the needs of an individual pharmacy or group.