Laskasas 360°

Client Laskasas
Year 2021
Industry Retail
Laskasas is a furniture design brand renowned for creating handmade furniture, upholstery and metalwork pieces, for residential and commercial projects.
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Project Inspiration

The concept of the digital platform was to build an interactive VR application that would simulate the interior environment and new furniture products of the 2021 Laskasas collection.

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Unity engine was an obvious choice for our team, as our team appreciates the combination of graphical fidelity and performance value it provides for creating a solid VR product.


The client was able to reduce the retail areas by an average of 40% thanks to the implementation of this VR tour.

Surveys showed an increase in customer interest in such furniture presentations. Sales increased at those points of sale where the solution was used. Together with a partner agency, we developed a VR digital platform for showcasing new furniture and interiors in the 2021 collection. Given a high priority of VR products' technical performance, our QA team has gone through a meticulous testing and bug fixing stage, swiftly removing technical issues to provide a seamless interactive experience for each user.