Rogue Fitness

Client Rogue Fitness
Year 2022
Industry Fitness
Rogue Fitness brand is the world-leading manufacturer of gym equipment. It has been founded in 2006, and the company has over 1400 members worldwide.

We designed a user-centric experience that highlighted their extensive fitness expertise. Together with Rogue Fitness intern team, we crafted a highly visual and easy to navigate UI/UX experience to welcome visitors, online or in person, to the Rogue Fitness community.


After a full-cycle user and UX research, we delivered an eCommerce UI design concept for the Rogue Fitness website platform.

One of the tasks we defined together was to highlight the quality of the products and to make them look modern and clean on the website. The second important task was to improve UX by making the process of product selection and checkout faster. We let users customize the orders by themselves by providing detailed product information, and keeping the interface clean and simple.